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Globfly’s 29th Month Angelversary

Today, on Globfly’s 29th month Angelversary, I am doing something different. Instead of honoring his memory with one of his favorite desserts, I made him this new recipe I just discovered, a very berry parfait. As I spooned this deliciousness into my mouth, I kept wishing Globfly were here to enjoy it with me. It’s divine, and I know he would’ve loved it. For that reason, Globfly here’s to you! I miss you every day more than words can say! ILYVVVVM 💜🖖👊

Tidbit: I don’t think anybody knows this. I’m going to tell you, but you have to promise to keep it a secret. Here goes—when I first met Globfly, he aspired to be a fireman, but life had other plans for him.

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