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“A Little Kindness Goes a Long Way”

A Moment in My Life – Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Jeannie Yee Davis

Do you know that I don’t see or talk to people all day long? It’s not that I don’t want to, but everybody has a busy life trying their best to make it through the day. I have to admit, though, that keeping such a busy schedule and working secluded at home sometimes feels insanely lonely. That’s when it’s easy to forget about all the people in your life. Going by the old saying, “out of sight and out of mind.” However, if you have as many people in your life as I do, who wouldn’t let you forget how much they love and care about you, then it’s irrelevant your disposition.

Do you know when the truth comes out? It usually comes out on special days like our birthdays. Thanks to all the beautiful people God blessed me with, I don’t have to be alone those days. Why? Because so many of you flooded us with your love. Regardless of how busy you were or what you had on your schedule, you made time to send your love our way. This 2/26 was Mark’s fourth birthday since he relocated to heaven, yet so many of you continued to write Happy Birthday wishes on his FB wall and to tap and add your greetings on my posts. I received messages, phone calls, and even gifts, reminding me of the love so many of you have for us. 

Did you know that since Mark and I met, we have never spent a birthday, anniversary, or holiday apart from each other? I dreaded his birthday in 2019 because it was the first birthday we didn’t spend together. Once a couple and now a single, the playing field dramatically changes on special occasions. I felt the aloneness and sadness, but all of you came through for us in remembering him with me. I didn’t know it at the time, but when you overwhelmed me with your love, that was what I needed precisely to make it through that day. 

Do you know what makes you a blessing to me? Your loving hearts and your kindness. The definition of kindness is warm-hearted, considerate, humane, and sympathetic. And you are all these characteristics along with your loving hearts when you give of yourselves to think of me when I needed that little affection that I no longer have with Mark. Yet, I don’t want to let go. It’s not his fault that he can no longer celebrate his birthday with me, but I will continue to honor his memory on his birthday. Thus, it means the world to me that you continue to celebrate him with me. You probably don’t realize how much what you do means to us, and that’s why I am telling you now, thank you for your love and kindness. You may think your kindness was nothing but a little kindness goes a long way.   

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