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“Mystery Solved”

A Moment in My Life – Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Remember those unexplained earplugs that arrived in the mail for Mark last month with no return sender information? It was good that I generally don’t throw weird things away immediately. I have it in the back of my mind that, maybe one day, I might have an answer to who sent them and what for.  

The other night as I fumbled with the remote control to adjust my bed, I was thinking about this service call that I made to Sleep Number a while ago regarding the possible leak from my bed. The representative said she would send me a couple of caps to close the tubes to test where the leak might be coming from. It seemed like a long time ago that we had the conversation, and I suddenly realized that I hadn’t received those caps yet. 

As I got ready for bed, I had an epiphany! What do these caps look like? I have no idea, but what if they looked like earplugs? I raced down to the garage and located the package. When I removed the “earplugs” from the packaging and took a good long look at them, they could be caps instead of earplugs. That explained why they weren’t as soft as you would expect earplugs to be. I laughed so hard when I realized this. Isn’t it funny how our minds can make us think we see what we think we see? I even got all of you believing these were earplugs, too. 

Do you know what this means? The mind is a very powerful thing. Thank God for that. I’m glad that we finally figured this one out, and it was no big deal. No malice. No harm intended. It was just my ignorance. It’s good to know that there has to be an answer to everything. Whaddaya know? Mystery solved!

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