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“Just Being Together”

A Moment in My Life – Tuesday, August 11, 2020

As I walked along, eating my cereal deep in thought, I reminisced the days when Mark and I would walk together side-by-side both in our little worlds. It was a fulfilling moment to be with someone you were comfortable with without the need for words. Companionship like that is worth more than gold. I miss those days terribly. I long for those days again but with the tall order of being, not with anyone, but with him. I can dream, hope, wish, or demand, but that’s never going to happen. The only thing that could happen is for me to reminisce those savored moments.

All I have are memories of us being together. Just being together in the simplest form like sitting next to each other on the couch doing our own thing, him watching some program that I have absolutely no interest in, but I didn’t mind. I enjoyed sitting near him to be with him. The car rides were so much more enjoyable with him riding along. We bantered about little things, brainstormed about what we wanted to eat, where we wanted to go, or sat in our thoughts enjoying the scenery. It didn’t matter what the activity was. The joy was just being together.

With SiP, I know we wouldn’t be the couple who would complain about being stuck in the same house with the same person day in and day out and night after night. No sir. Not us. Bring it on. We welcome being stuck in the same house together 24/7. If nothing else, we would have loved the opportunity just to be together even more.

People used to ask us how we managed to survive, not working, and living in a studio condo together every day, and we looked at each other and shrugged. We honestly never thought about that. It seemed like a natural thing to do when you are a couple. We respected each other and gave each other the space to be and do as we each pleased. It was great because we were able to do our own thing in the comfort of our own home, and when we finished, we would regroup and hang out together. No argument there.

You know what else I miss? I miss doing the housework together with him. We had the routine down. He did the vacuuming and dusting and the toilets. I did the organizing, tidying up, and the sinks and tubs. He did the mowing, trimming, and TLC tasks for the garden and I raked and swept. We worked alongside each other, just being together, and it was the most natural thing to do.

We had a good thing going. Sadly, it didn’t last long. I’m glad that we have so many beautiful memories to cherish. Many people I know, who are still together, sing a different tune. It saddens me that here I long for what I had while they don’t appreciate what they still have. 

I would give anything just being together with Mark again!

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