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Globfly’s 35th-month Angelversary

Delayed Posting as of 11/17/21.

Today marks Globfly’s 35th-month Angelversary—two years and eleven months since he relocated to heaven on 12/17/18.

I am honoring Globfly’s memory this month with carrot cake. During Globfly and my early dating days, we often went to Arthur’s by the Park for carrot cake, which was another first that he introduced to me.

Today’s slice is not his favorite carrot cake, but I couldn’t see making a whole cake for one portion. His favorite carrot cake is homemade, a la my Big Sis’ secret recipe, which after years, I convinced her to give me the recipe. I’m grateful for it because I got to make it for Globfly many times. Also, with my ambitious writing schedule this month, I don’t have time to bake. This slice from Rubicon Bakery reminds me of Arthur’s, and I am sure Globfly would approve.

Globfly here’s to you, honey! I miss you every day more than words can say! ILYVVVVM 💜🖖👊

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