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Globfly’s 32nd-Month Angelversary

Today marks Globfly’s 32nd-month Angelversary—that’s two years and eight months since he relocated to heaven on 12/17/18. It’s hard to imagine each month brings me farther away from the last time we were together. It is what it is. All I can do is everything that I can to keep his memory alive. 

One of my joys was scoping out goodies that I think he would like and surprising him with them. The second half of my joy was anticipating his response to the treat. Most of the time, I selected well, and he liked it. He was a foodie, and food made him happy, and watching him happy made me happy. It was a win-win. Habitually, I still scope out new treats that Globfly might like, but I don’t buy them anymore. I asked myself, why not? I could branch out from his favorites to new potentials. Today, I saw a unique lemon donut, and the first thing I thought was Globfly would love this. He never met a lemon he didn’t like. 

So, this month, I am honoring his memory with a Paris Baguette “Lemon King Cream Donut.” I would imagine he’d like it because there is a nice balance between the mildly sweet lemon cream filling to the delicate tartness of the lemon icing. Bottom line—not too sweet and not too tangy—just like he’d like it. The donut itself is soft with an even amount of filling throughout. I think Globfly would be pleased with my selection. I would even eat it. 

Globfly here’s to you! I miss you every day more than words can say!


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