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Globfly’s 42nd-Month Angelversary

Delayed Posting on July 17, 2022.

Today marks Globfly’s 42nd-Month Angelversary—three years and six months since he relocated to heaven on 12/17/18.

One of the things Globfly enjoyed was apple pie, and since today is National Apple Strudel Day, he’d be pleased that I am honoring his memory with apple pie. He wasn’t fancy to strudel. Fine by me.

Now, it wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t add my personal touch to this treat, now would it? Remember, I’m always looking (even now) for new goodies that Globfly might like? Guess what I found? Snickerdoodle ice cream! Yes! You read that correctly. Here’s the caveat, it isn’t regular ice cream but a compromise. (He was real ice cream. not me.) I would’ve dolloped it on and let him marvel over the Snickerdoodle flavor. Then after he smacked his lips and nodded his head, I’d move in for the win and reveal that it was “So Delicious” cashew milk ice cream.

Yeah, I know. The games people play. You have to admit. It works to get some folks to try something new. Globfly was a trooper. Sure, he’d resist, but he’d do it for me.

The bottom line was he relished Snickerdoodles. So, he would indeed enjoy this ice cream. It was my first time trying So Delicious ice cream, and People, IT’S DELISH!

Man, Markie, you would luv it! I know it! I owed you apple pie. You know I’d make good on it, eventually. So, here’s to you, Globfly. What better day than today to deliver, right? Happy National Apple Strudel “Pie” Day! Yes, hon, for you, I eat apple pie a la mode!


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