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“Rules Are Rules”

A Moment in My Life – Thursday, April 29, 2021

It’s not every day that we get called on for breaking a rule, but we could. What’s odd is having that happen twice in the same morning. You know what that means? When it rains, it pours. When you’re naughty, you’re naughty. Joking aside, it did happen this morning but was just not personally directed at me both times. Nobody likes a scolding, even if it’s sugarcoated. I surely don’t, but sometimes it’s a necessary evil. Rules are set in place for a reason to keep things rolling smoothly along. We need rules to set the boundaries. It’s imperative to have rules, especially in clubs or groups where masses of people are involved, like on FB. I think you all know what FB stands for. I’m not spelling it out. I don’t want to be censored, or worst, banned from FB. 

FB has been a lifesaving place through the pandemic, but long before Covid hit, I have appreciated FB for reconnecting with many people I knew from different walks of my life. Through FB, some of us have gotten second chances to become friends. I recently learned that a FB friend of mine was in my graduating class in junior high school, but our paths never crossed back then. It’s incredible because what are the chances that two people might serendipitously reconnect in the physical world? Probably, slim. I’ve met dozens of people through the shared interest groups on FB, where some have become good friends. Had it not been for these groups, I wouldn’t have new friends from all over the world in my life, especially not during quarantine.

 Considering the good from FB, it makes it more palatable to follow the rules set by admins of the groups. It’s a tough job being the rule enforcer, but someone has to do it. Most people shy away from confrontation, let alone speak up with a complaint. It takes courage to confront someone when someone is violating the rules. 

Generally, we don’t intend to break a rule. In my case, I wanted to share a song that I love, but my bad was that I wasn’t paying attention to genre and group specifications. Oops, my bad. I listen to music and get too comfortable sharing with the group, which was my downfall.

In the other incident, someone spoke out prematurely with unofficial news inadvertently spinning gossip. The person, I don’t know who it was, spoke without malice but with concern because they cared. I may not know who the person was, but I’ve come to know the people in this group. They are all loving and kind people who care with big hearts.

It’s good to refresh on rules to avoid an unnecessary confrontation. I shouldn’t need a refresher. I should have the rules locked down. If, however, I trip, it’s nice that someone is watching out for the group. It’s nothing personal. I was impressed with both confronters who spoke kindly and diplomatically, simply stating that rules are rules.  

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