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A Moment in My Life – Tuesday, October 6, 2020

There has never been a more prevalent time than during Shelter in Place when girlfriends mean more than ever before. Girlfriends are the ones who were understated and over publicized but taken for granted because they were always there. It was an unspoken rule that girlfriends, like sisters, would be there for you without fail. Not all, but the true-blue girlfriends, you know who they are, are the ones who will be there for you through thick or thin, good or bad, fun times, and your worst times. They love you even when you are not very loving and not deserving. If you have a true-blue girlfriend in your circle, then you are a rich person. 

I’m a filthy rich person because of my circle of true-blue girlfriends. I appreciate each one of them for the uniqueness they bring to my life. Good thing I don’t have to pick only one of them! I don’t often publicize this, but I do appreciate my girlfriends. Today, I’m taking a moment to declare my appreciation because I got to hang out with my BFF, Iggy, yesterday for the first time since before Shelter in Place. In solitary, I adapted to the no-physical-contact relationship and acclimated nicely to cyber-contact with everybody. I thought that was good enough until I hung out with Iggy yesterday. That’s when my new-found appreciation surfaced because, now, I know what I was missing. There is no comparison to the face-to-face interactions between people. Even with a mask, it was still way better to be in the presence with my friend than to have a computer screen between us. 

There is no satisfaction like the meaningful conversations, or the silly banters that happen when you’re with your girlfriends. It’s nature’s free stress relief remedy that can’t be bottled. God intended us not to be alone, and I am grateful for that because running errands is something we must do, but like Iggy pointed out that, “They’re not really chores when you do it with one of your favorite people!” She’s right. I had the most wonderful errand run yesterday because of the delightful company I had. 

Conversations take on a life of their own in the presence of your girlfriends, and you end up naturally talking about things that you may not bring up when you’re texting. That’s just one of the marvelous things about hanging out in person. I have been troubled with a dilemma that weighed heavily on my mind. I had no intention of sharing with anybody, but when I was with Iggy, one topic led to another, and the next thing I knew, I was sharing my dilemma with my girlfriend. Being the true-blue girlfriend that Iggy is, she shared my ordeal with me, and in the end, I felt a load lifted off my shoulders.   

I honestly can’t express enough the love I feel for my girlfriends because they are a gift from God who knows what we need and when we need it. We, ourselves, may not be aware of our needs until we meander down that crazy path of girl talk when your girlfriend says just those right words that you needed to hear, and you know everything is going to be all right. I appreciate my girlfriends more than words can express. I’m forever grateful for every single one of them. My girlfriends, you rock!

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