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Globfly’s 26th Month Angelversary

February marks Valentine’s Day, Globfly’s 26th month Angelversary today, and later in the month, Globfly’s birthday. February is the shortest month, but it is the most challenging month next to December with these markers.

On each month’s Angelversary, I select a favorite food to honor Globfly’s memory as my way of coping. Today, I chose a slice of Strawberry Soft Cream Cheese Cake from Paris Baguette to keep the LOVE theme, coloring the month red in Globfly’s memory. 

If you are near a Paris Baguette, perhaps you might like to join me in this delicate treat. Here’s to you, Globfly, you may be in heaven now, but you’re not forgotten. ILYVVVVVVM! 💜🖖

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