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A Moment in My Life – Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Jeannie Yee Davis

A funny thing happened on my way to today. I ascertained an enemy as a friend. Well, a perceived enemy, that is, who surfaced at all the wrong times, turning my world upside down and plucking me from my comfort zone. It was most apparent back at the Schwab office, where it felt like it was someone’s job specifically to see how much damage they could do by turning everything topsy-turvy. I know that’s not true, but at the time, while it was happening, it felt like it was.

It never made sense to me when everything seemed to run smoothly why we needed to change. I was a dedicated employee who thrived at doing not just a good job but the best job I could, and intermissions of change disrupted my productivity. Selfish—I know, but ask anybody resistant to change, and you’ll hear the same story. We’re all in the same boat. Sometimes, I felt guilty of being a hypocrite since the company’s motto was diversity and change, and I was resistant to change.

“Resistance is futile,” as the Star Trek Borg would say. They were right. I knew that the powers above me at Schwab knew more than I did. If the company deemed it necessary for change, who was I to argue? I kept quiet and acclimated with a little grumbling—just a little.

Not all change is bad. Sometimes, it’s surprisingly a blessing in disguise. Like the recent text alerting me that I depleted my high-speed data on my phone plan. Seriously? This is a first. Since the inception of my plan, I’ve constantly rolled over data and barely used any of it. I supposed regularly listening to music cost me my data, and that’s worth it. In reviewing my plan options, I couldn’t believe my eyes that there was another plan for $40 with 15 GB of data and unlimited everything. My current plan is $45 with 6 GB of data and unlimited everything. I rubbed my eyes and scrutinized the details, trying to see the catch—there was none. Guess what? I’m switching to the $40 plan. This change was not a bad one.

Remember I said I was resistant to change? Well, as time goes by, I noticed that I’m a hypocrite for my hypocrisy. I say that because, at work, I didn’t care for change, but if I stood back and looked at my bigger picture, I would see that I live a life of constant change, daily—by choice.

Mark used to open a cupboard door and say, “Every time I get used to something being somewhere, you move it.” That became a resounding joke between us because it was true. I constantly repositioned things to make things better. My motto is to be the best person I can be and make my home the best it can be—achieving these goals meant constantly changing for the better.

I couldn’t grasp the necessity for change until I personalized it, then it became logical. Since I was calling all the shots, I knew what needed to change and why. Change is imperative for wellness, along with other reasons. I started writing my column, ‘A Moment in My Life,’ intending to write every weekday. However, as a one-person business, I realized that I couldn’t write my column daily and work on other projects, so I had to make a change. Occasionally, I need to skip a column, or two, to address other priorities. Sometimes, the other priority meant giving my muse a break—a necessary evil.

God intended change as a key in growing us as people and spiritually. He constantly challenges us out of our comfort zone—my favorite place. Hiding in my favorite place stagnates me, and that saddens God. I want to please Him; therefore, I need to change my attitude towards accepting the change that is out of my control. It’s all a matter of perspective. Once I have the right mindset, nothing will seem that bad—my working towards change instead of against makes for a better outcome since change is inevitable.

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