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“My Kind of Fun”

A Moment in My Life – Fun Friday, June 11, 2021

Jeannie Yee Davis

For today’s ‘Fun Friday,’ I planned to hang out with my friend, Elaine, for most of the afternoon—starting with a leisure brunch at Bay Watch in Burlingame, which both of us craved something from there. She missed their breakfasts. I craved their French fries. They make the best fries, and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t care for French fries. After our leisurely lunch, we planned to take a long walk through the aisles of the nearby shops. Some call that window-shopping, but we’re not shopping; we’re walking, taking the scenic route through the stores. Someone has to take inventory of how they’ve changed during this past year, so we volunteered.  

A lot has changed in how businesses do things these days. For example, at Bay Watch, they now hand you a menu, and after you’ve studied it and decided what you wanted, then you return to the counter and place your order. Then, after paying, they seat you. From this point, it’s business as usual. The waiter brings you your beverages and food, checking in on you throughout your meal just like old times whereas they used to seat you first, then they came and took your order at the table.

It was nice that Bay Watch took advantage of the no-indoor-dining months and made improvements to their restaurant. Up until this point, I hadn’t felt comfortable dining indoors. However, this place lured me inside with the rustic ambiance and fresh scent wafting through the spacious dining room, putting me at ease. 

They have a new menu, too, and if I remember correctly, they did away with a portion of their menu. However, a substantial menu remains, and if you didn’t know better, you wouldn’t miss anything. Although we missed the specials listed on their blackboard on the wall, that will return in time, I’m sure. Our selections were just as delicious as before. I ordered a vegetarian omelet filled with broccoli, spinach, mushrooms, tomato, and cheese. I substituted the hash browns for French fries and opted for whole wheat toast. Elaine enjoyed her scramble with avocado and tomatoes. It was a satisfying meal for us both.

Elaine and I yakked for a few hours, and we were the last patrons to vacate the premises, just like old times. 

I was disappointed that we had to change our plans foiling the second part of our date. My bad, I wasn’t thinking. I bought Elaine a bouquet since she needed a little pampering, but my timing was off. It was too warm to leave the flowers in the car while we trekked through the shops. Instead, she wanted to take the flowers home and put them in water. I’m glad she liked the bouquet so much. In a way, she did me a favor—my day was gone—what was I thinking? I always lose time when I’m with friends. It was a most enjoyable afternoon, just the same. It may not be much, but for today, it was my kind of fun.

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