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“Do You Believe in Miracles?”

A Moment in My Life – Friday, May 14, 2021

Thinking of “Faith Friday” reminded me of the “What Song Was Written About Your Life” game that I played on FB the other day. After I filled in my birth month, it revealed “Firework” by Kate Perry as my song. Never heard this song before. I don’t know Kate’s music either. I gave it a listen, and it’s a powerful and inspiring song. It feels fitting for the life that I’ve lived. But the song didn’t resonate with me as much as their description. Granted, I know that another song title and description may emerge if I played this game again. It’s all in fun. No more. No less.

I gave it another spin out of curiosity, and sure enough, a different song and description appeared. There was one sentence that popped up repeatedly in the description that stuck with me. “Jeannie believes in miracles because she has seen them come true.” No argument there. I have seen miracles in my lifetime.

The way I see it, miracles are a gift from God. We have no say in any part of it. It’s not about us but God’s mercy, love, kindness, and His majestic abilities. He is in control at all times. All I have to do is have faith in Him that He always has my best interest at heart, even during the darkest times.

The greatest miracle that I’ve witnessed happened two summers back when I had my second heart attack the day before my flight to San Diego. Instead of spending a week celebrating the family’s July birthdays in Southern Cal, I spent my birthday in the hospital in the bay area. Long story short, the doctors thought the original stent failed, but it hadn’t. Five years earlier, when I had my first heart attack, I became allergic to the cholesterol medication. Since I did well in changing my diet and lifestyle, my cardiologist decided that if I were allergic to one statin, I’d be allergic to all. She dropped the cholesterol prescription altogether since it was preventive only. It turned out, had she given me a small dosage, I would’ve been protected and wouldn’t have gotten the second heart attack. 

At that point, my heart was a mess. A team of doctors deliberated 1.5 days over my treatment plan. Some doctors suggested another stent or two. Others suggested a bypass. Ultimately, they all agreed it was too risky to perform the bypass or any procedure at that time. One doctor blurted out that I was weeks away from another heart attack. I didn’t expect to go home again or make it to my birthday. I began putting my affairs in order. Finally, the day I was to fly home from San Diego, they discharged me with a Coumadin treatment plan for three months. They reevaluated me three months later to determine if my heart was strong enough for that bypass after all. I prayed daily, and I changed my diet and lifestyle further. On the day of my echocardiogram, the technician announced that the blockage was gone. They could hardly tell I ever had a heart attack. I not only didn’t need the bypass or another stent, but I no longer needed the Coumadin treatment, either.

How is that possible that I transformed from being dangerously fragile to barely a trace of a heart attack? It was an act of God—a miracle at its finest. I left the hospital a believer that miracles do happen. What about you? Do you believe in miracles?

One thought on ““Do You Believe in Miracles?”

  1. Jeannie, Nice to hear your story. Like you I’m a believer. Sometimes people don’t recognize the miracles around us. I’m alive because of God’s miracles keeping me safe. My brother in-law Bill was going down snow slope when there was an avalanche. He turned to the right & the avalanche vered to the left. Now if he went left, he’d be covered in snow and probably won’t make it out alive. He doesn’t see the hand of God. Sometimes we don’t see what’s in front of us, and the miracles around us. I only know certain miracles, but I’m sure there were more in my life. The seed that was planted when I was a child and went to Good News get togethers and learned about Jesus. I had neighbor & friend who brought me there. If those people were not in my life, I wouldn’t have been directed to God. Some miracles are not life saving. People forget those coincidence, that are actually from God. Thanks for sharing your faith & miracle story.

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