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“The Acquisition”

A Moment in My Life – Thursday, September 10, 2020

Over a week ago, I contemplated whether I should begin shopping for a new Fitbit since I’ve had my Fitbit Charge 2 for five years this month. It has served me well, but it was showing signs of wearing down. So, I wanted to replace it with one just like it. I was bummed that they no longer carried my model. I browsed what was available, and my best bet would be the Fitbit Versa 2. I wasn’t ready to take that plunge, until, as if right on cue, my sister-in-law, Nancy, texted me out of the blue, that she bought a Fitbit Versa 2 and was loving it. It seemed like it was meant to be. I hadn’t told anyone, and she had her watch for over a month but chose that moment to tell me. 

As we talked, I hung onto the joy of her every word sending me right back to shopping. That night, I caved and went for it. I purchased mine from Amazon on Wednesday, and it arrived on Friday, a day earlier than the ETA. I couldn’t be more thrilled. I spent the afternoon charging it and setting it up. Looking at this new watch, my Charge 2 looked like something a kid would wear. The Versa 2 watch made me feel all grown up. I knew I made the right decision to acquire the replacement. The honeymoon was everything I hoped for so far, and I was looking forward to a long marriage. 

The next afternoon, right after my hour’s walk, I went to stop the activity tracking when the screen went black. I couldn’t stop the tracking. Seconds earlier, I glanced at the screen, and it was functioning as expected. Now, I couldn’t access anything. I saw a flickering green light on the back, showing it was thinking and processing, but I couldn’t revive the screen. I ended up submitting a return request, and Amazon sent me a replacement that arrived the next day.

Nancy had no issues with hers. I wasn’t so lucky. When my new watch arrived, I figured the setup process would be a breeze since I did it once the day before, but I had to fumble with things to get it the way I had the first watch set up. You would think that being the same watch that everything would be the same. Tried as I did, I couldn’t find the clock face that I chose for the first watch. By now, instead of continuing the honeymoon vibes, I was leery. I was expecting something else to go wrong. I didn’t want more issues, but I got this feeling there might be more coming.

That night, right before bedtime, I checked my Fitbit app, and there was an alert that my Versa 2 couldn’t pair with the app. Nothing I did help. I ended up wearing my Charge 2 to bed for sleep tracking. In the morning, I googled and learned a reboot would fix the problem. After following the instructions to reboot, it did. Phew.

Just as I was settling into my Versa 2 and forgetting about expecting the other shoe to drop, I woke to find no sleep log registered the next morning. That’s one of the main reasons why I have a Fitbit—to track my sleep. By this time, I figure one more issue will send this baby back.  

Today is day five, and so far, so good. Maybe this acquisition will survive the test of time and make it for that long marriage, after all. I wouldn’t mind.

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  1. I wanted to track my sleep too. Lynn’s iWatch has a sleep tracker. I wore it. I ended up not sleeping well, getting up to get some water, etc. The tracker said that I slept for 8 hours. Not even close. Glad your FitBit problems are getting solved.

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