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“The Wrong Choice”

A Moment in My Life – Tuesday, May 11, 2021

“No! You made the wrong choice!” I hollered to deaf ears as Elizabeth delivered her “Dear John” letter to Nathan at the beginning of the “When Calls the Heart” season finale. They had me at the edge of my seat, waiting and hoping that it was a red herring, a ploy to stir up the tension only to do a bait and switch in the end. They weren’t toying with us. They didn’t budge, and the curtains closed on a kiss between Lucas and Elizabeth.

The actress Erin Krakow who plays Elizabeth, shared in an interview on “Home & Family” that there was a whole team involved in brainstorming the massive list of reasons provided by a pool of people in finalizing their decision whether Nathan or Lucas wins Elizabeth’s heart. I didn’t care that Lucas began dating Elizabeth this season, I don’t know why, but I was gung-ho all along, thinking Nathan was the chosen one. I honestly believed that Lucas was the red herring. Before the finale, there was no pressure. I was okay with either Lucas or Nathan scoring, but as the clock ticked closer to the ending, I realized I was rooting for Nathan. I thought he was the sure deal. There was plenty of sexual tension between Nathan and Elizabeth to keep us warm all winter long. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I fell for all the red herrings they strategically sprinkled along the way, misleading me into believing in the wrong outcome.

Why wasn’t I part of the brainstorming pool? I would’ve set them right. I know more about romance than anybody else. Well, okay, maybe that’s an overstatement, but that’s beside the point. The point is that Nathan is the better choice. He radiates security—his uniform has little to do with that. There is something about him that makes you feel safe and secure. He’s strong yet gentle and kind. Yes, he’s quite the sexy guy, too. I didn’t think I needed to mention that, but I can’t take it back since it slipped out. Nathan has more at state, which makes him stable. You can count on him to be there for you, which is what Elizabeth and little Jack need. Nathan’s already a parent to his niece, Ally, equipping him for the parent role to little Jack. 

Lucas is an admirable man, the boy next door type, but he feels flighty to me. He may be a successful businessman, but what does he know about being a parent to a toddler? Lucas doesn’t seem ready to be in a relationship, let alone settle down. In other words, he doesn’t give me the feeling of safe and secure like Nathan does. 

I was so sure about Nathan. Although Elizabeth’s “Dear John” letter gave me a reason for pause. She loves and cares for Nathan, but she’s not in love with him. Elizabeth revealed that she was trying to replace her late husband with Nathan, which wasn’t fair or right for Nathan. Sigh. She’s right. I didn’t see that coming. Nathan deserves to be loved for all that he is and what he brings to the relationship. He’s nobody’s substitute.

“When Calls the Heart” will be back next season. I’m an unrelenting romantic. There is still hope that Elizabeth will acknowledge next season that her heart belongs to Nathan. Elizabeth will come to terms with her emotions. She will realize that she wasn’t trying to replace her late husband Jack with Nathan. Elizabeth will admit that it was her guilt of betraying Jack by falling for another Mountie that turned her away from Nathan. She will accept it was Jack’s plan all along to bring Nathan and Elizabeth together. And that’s how I would write the story instead of letting them stay with the wrong choice.    

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