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“My Hero for the Day”

A Moment in My Life – Friday, January 14, 2022

Jeannie Yee Davis

I’ve been dreading dealing with a possible oil leak problem. You could say I was procrastinating, but I called it monitoring the situation for a few days to confirm I had a problem. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. I also hoped it might be a hiccup and miraculously stopped, then we could pretend it never happened. Who was I kidding? I wouldn’t be comfortable with not knowing the truth. The fact was that something was leaking at one point. I needed to get it checked for peace of mind. Using the finger test emphasized a mild scent of oil. Ugh. My car is too new to have an oil leak problem. 

Sometimes it’s good to procrastinate. Had I taken care of the problem yesterday, I would’ve gone back to Midas straightaway. However, yesterday, I wrote my column, pushing off my car problem a day. In the meantime, I got an epiphany to check with the Nissan service department first since they partnered with Hyundai before the pandemic. Finger crossed that perhaps they would service my Veloster anyway.

I was stunned to see workabees busy setting up the Infiniti shop where the Nissan/old Hyundai service department once was when I drove into their Colma parking lot. Once I hunted down the Nissan service department, I asked Jan, the first person I saw at the counter, who confirmed Infiniti is moving in. Jan also said Hyundai and Nissan were no longer partners. What! Wow! Dealerships are more delicate than relationships. I tell you. 

He asked me what the problem was. I told him I suspected an oil leak. He was curious what the signs were, and luckily I had photos to show him, which he confirmed was an oil leak. Not surprisingly, he directed me to a Hyundai Dealership because I might need parts. This detail was the part I dreaded—going the distance to a Hyundai Dealership when the closest one was in San Leandro or Santa Clara. If my car isn’t well, I don’t want to go the distance. Good thing I had a backup plan. Now, it looks like Midas, here I come. Jan did not like my backup plan at all. He suggested a reputable auto shop, if not a Hyundai Dealership. When I asked for a local auto shop recommendation, he took my number to send me a referral. 

As we said our goodbyes, Jan decided to check with his buddy in the service department to see if he would be willing to take a look at my car anyway. Jan made my day just by offering to check. That news was an answer to prayer. I wanted to get this problem resolved asap, if not today. At least, have a clue what the problem was right away. 

Five minutes after I left, Jan called with the good news that his buddy would help me out. I U-turned and skedaddled back. I couldn’t have asked for better service if I had an appointment. Once I arrived, they took my car in, and voila—there was no oil leak but rather a botched oil change job where they inserted the filter incorrectly. Jan said I just needed another oil change but didn’t suggest returning to Midas. Phew! I can handle that. What a relief! 

There has been a significant decline in products and services during the pandemic, blaming it on Covid, but today, Jan proved one size doesn’t fit all. He could’ve taken the easy road and not bothered with me and sent me on my not-so-merry way since they no longer have a partnership with Hyundai. Instead, Jan went over and above his job title to do an act of kindness, and in turn, did me a huge favor. He helped me cut to the chase and saved me from headaches and worries, not knowing what was wrong with my car. Jan gave me way better service than I had experienced in a very long time. I can’t be more grateful to him, which makes Jan my hero for the day.

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