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“Does Money Grow on Trees?”

A Moment in My Life – Tuesday, September 29, 2020

“Does money grow on trees?” echoed in my mind while Elfido, the AAA driver, rattled on and on about my car battery’s test results and what my options were. I couldn’t believe this was happening! When I got behind the wheel and ignited the engine only to hear the steady tat tat tat tat instead of the expected engine turning over, the last thing I suspected to be a problem was the battery. VPea got a new battery a year and a half ago, right at that very spot in her garage space. Why would baby need new shoes again so soon? Whatever happened to the ‘lasting 4-5 years’ before the battery needed replacement? I began to wonder if the previous service guy sold me a used battery as new, but Elfido pointed out that the date on the old battery was March 2019, confirming it was a new battery.

Elfido gave VPea a jump charge enough to get us by for a day. Really? And then what? Elfido said that according to his battery test assessment, there was 0% battery health remaining, meaning—my only option—a battery replacement. “Okay, so you’re giving her enough of a charge for a day. That’s enough for me to drive her to Midas for a new battery..”

“Oh no, you don’t have to do that,” Elfido interjected. “I have batteries. I can install one for you. I’ll give it to you for the member’s price.” 

Okay then. Now, he’s talking. Why didn’t he offer that from the get-go? In any event, I was grateful he would take care of it for me. I have errands to run in preparation for my out-of-town family’s arrival. I don’t have time to deal with car trouble.

Elfido was conscientious, and I liked him a lot. I am not a AAA member, yet, but he impressed me enough to become one. He even welcomed my calling him directly if I needed service. Now, that’s customer-focused!

I still can’t believe that once again, I encountered yet another expense. Wouldn’t it be nice if I did have a tree dispensing money from my backyard? I wouldn’t mind, but alas, I don’t. I am grateful that it was an easy fix, even though it was the battery again so soon. First chance I get, I’ll be looking for last year’s receipt and making a call. Wish me luck that I’ll get restitution for that dud battery.

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