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“Only a Dress Rehearsal”

A Moment in My Life – Wednesday, February 3, 2021

On Monday morning, I trekked out to San Mateo after button pressing for 4m19s leading to innumerable Schwab phone options—none led to a live person. I love Schwab, but this was the most user-unfriendly phone system I’ve encountered. All I wanted was instructions on how to make a check deposit at their branch that is currently listed as temporarily closed, but they accept check deposits. It would have been nice if the branch could have provided a recording with pertinent Covid-related how-to instructions instead of a recording that said to reach a live person, enter their names. I don’t know their names. That’s when I decided to take my chances in person and drive out to the closest branch.

It was a good idea to drive to the branch. Yes, it was closed. Nobody there to answer my call had I made one. Only a building security guard was visible in the lobby. Taped on their glass door were the check deposit instructions that I sought. They accept deposits only on Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00-2:00. They listed the three reps’ names and phone numbers to call once I arrived and ready to make my deposit. Success. I got the information I wanted. 

On my way home, I approached 92W, not expecting almost to become Siamese twins with the lone car flying down in the slow lane. I had the median barrier distorting my view a tad, but he should have had a clear view. Since there were no other cars in sight, he could have moved into the fast lane without slowing down, which is what most drivers would do. Instead, he chose to claim his place where he was, causing me to turn a hard right with my steering wheel not to bother him as he sped by without missing a beat. I quickly repositioned my car and continued without any damage. Good, I didn’t feel like dealing with an accident today. A little while later, on 280N, a black and white’s nose was sticking out of a hedgy bushy side patch. I glanced at my speedometer and clocked myself at 70 mph. Good. I didn’t feel like getting a ticket today, either. 

Tuesday. Showtime. Back we go to the Schwab branch in San Mateo. Checks signed—check. Account numbers on the checks—check. Reps name and phone numbers on hand—check. I arrived at the branch in record time. Unlike yesterday, the lobby doors on the parking lot side were unlocked today—another good sign. Once in the lobby, I dialed the second rep’s number with the thought that everybody probably calls the first rep, so I’ll call the second. It turned out that I should have bought a lottery ticket because the representative I chose to call was the one rep on duty. She unlocked the door to allow me inside. It didn’t take long for her to process my two deposits and sent me on my merry way.

After the near-accident encounter the day before, I felt a little nervous on the road. It proved unwarranted. I got on the freeway from the same on-ramp with more cars on the road this time but no speeders. I maintained my 70-mph speed without encountering any black and whites out to catch speeders. The sun warmed my path at a steady 60 degrees. My favorite songs filled the cabin, adding to my pleasant experience making this trip a huge success. Not that I needed a practice run, but since I had to come out twice, it made me feel better believing that yesterday’s trip wasn’t a waste of time but instead was only a dress rehearsal. 

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