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“Can’t Be Too Careful”

A Moment in My Life – Monday, May 10, 2021

Elaine came over after her Mother’s Day celebration, and we went walking along the walking trails near my home. She is an extrovert and has been climbing the walls in the pandemic. As soon as she was vaccinated, she invited me out for a walk, which I declined until now. We’re both fully vaccinated, and the time felt right. After our walk, we sat on my porch, and we gabbed until the breeze turned into winds indicating our date was over. Nice to know the weather was looking out for us. Even sitting outside, we should be mindful of the amount of time we spend together. Especially since after our walk, we relaxed our masks while we sat together.

This reality is all new territory. Previously, I mentioned that I’ve gotten tentative dates waiting for me to ink them onto my calendar. I’m slowly making good on them. I love quality time with my buddies, but I am still a bit apprehensive, or perhaps, cautious might be a better word. This quality is a logical and good one since it’s too soon to drop our guards. 

If you need a reason to remain vigilant, let me enlighten you. I know a couple who both contracted Covid last month. Both of her lungs filled with pneumonia. She fell into a coma, and they intubated her. A day later, she passed away. He survived the virus with pneumonia on one lung. He’s recovered from Covid but continues to suffer from a daily bloody cough. 

Since more and more people are getting vaccinated and California is relaxing their tiers as virus and death toll numbers lessen, I was curious how this couple caught Covid. It turned out that their twenty-something daughter met a new guy who exposed her and her family to Covid. This couple wasn’t eligible for the vaccine for another few weeks. Ugh. Such is life. It didn’t stop there. The new boyfriend also exposed his grandfather and uncle to Covid, and they lost their lives as well. This incident was indeed a tragedy. As heartbreaking as it was, this is our new reality. Even with the increasing vaccinations while decreasing virus numbers, we have to stay vigilant and take precautions at all times. Nobody should rely on others to take the safeguards for us. Each of us needs to tend to our safety. In doing so, we are keeping others around us safe, even if they don’t. 

I know I’m preaching to the choir, but you never know. I’m sure these kids weren’t thinking the same way I’m thinking. If they were, perhaps they wouldn’t have gotten and then spread Covid. They paid a hefty price because of their negligence or ignorance. They will have to live with the consequences for the rest of their lives. It’s too late for those two families, but I’m hoping readers will take this seriously and continue to be cautious with every decision we make to help stop the spread of this vicious virus. We can’t count on others to do it for us. The bottom line is that we can’t be too careful.

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  1. We have to make the new life changes. Use hand sanitizer after pumping gas. Make sure after you use the public bathroom and wash your hands that you turn off facet with paper towel and open door with one. You can live your life, but do it safely from few tips. Your story’s so sad, because once you’re on a ventilator you lose your voice & will. I’ve been on one before and they put me in a medical coma. So when they weaned me, and I woke up, it could be scary breathing through a tube smaller than a garden hose. I understand ventilators, so it wasn’t too scary waking up on one but some people don’t mind being awake on one, I’ll pass. The saddest part is not being able to visit your loved one, hold their hand, say I love you and goodbye if that’s what’s happening, once they diagnose you with covid.

    1. Thanks for sharing some invaluable tips and your scary experience. I’m SO glad your story had a happy ending! Not everybody gets one.

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