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“If I Can See It, I Can Be It”

A Moment in My Life – Tuesday, January 26, 2021

I’ve seen a slogan with some version of “if you could see it, you can be it,” with many people fully immersed in this belief. It falls along the lines with the old saying that a business we knew used to encourage their salespeople with, and that was to “fake it until you make it.” Some folks go with “I think I am; therefore, I am.” What about you? Do you have an adage you live by? I’m on the fence. Maybe, that’s my problem. It doesn’t work for me because I’m on the fence. I would love for it to work, though. If it works for some, then I would imagine that it could work for the rest of us. 

This is the same as a vision board, which I’ve seen creativity showcased at its best on some boards. I made a vision board once, in 2018, when I began using a Christian Planner. I went all out with the whole shebang—with colorful quote stickers and inspirational pictures of where and who I wanted to be in one year, five years, and beyond. I was quite pleased with the stellar results. If only it paid off. That year, nothing I envisioned on paper happened. The reality I lived in was unimaginable. I could not have planned a smidgen of what was to come. It was a year spent watching my strong, virile husband shrivel and deteriorate to skin and bones as he suffered painfully to his last breath. Now, I understand why God moved us to a house near a hospital, which became our second home. We were in and out of the hospital—if not for his cocktails—transfusions, and chemo, or his regular ER visits or surgeries, then it was his hospital stays. It became his home away from home on his way to heaven. By the end of that year, I couldn’t bear to look at my vision board. 

It’s the beginning of 2021, and I can finally flip open the page to my 2018 vision board. I can’t read through it yet, but it’s a start. Every day is a new beginning, and I am trying to keep positive, keep moving forward, looking ahead, and expecting good times. I’m not quite ready to do another vision board, but I’m all for trying the envisioning method.

Here goes, I see myself with my City Girl tote bag, filled with my writer’s gear, resting on my shoulder as I stroll into my favorite Starbucks where I order a Mocha Malt Frap and set up my MacBook at a corner table. This is home for the next few hours as I drift and meander within my fictional world. It’s been way too long since I last rooted myself at a coffee shop to write. Being a survivor, I’ve managed to beat most people at being obedient to the Stay-at-Home order, but lately, I am fidgety and eager to get back out there. No, I won’t, though. I have way too much common sense to do anything I shouldn’t do, but that doesn’t mean I can’t want it.

I see myself seated at a table with stacks of my newest book in Barnes and Noble, where a line of fans with my book in hand patiently inches closer to getting my autograph. I see myself jumping for joy as I read the credits “based upon a novel by Jeannie Yee Davis” that appear on the TV screen for a new Hallmark movie. 

I think that’s enough for starters, don’t you? Now, that I did it. We wait. We shall see how well this envisioning method works. I, for one, am rooting for success. I got a lot riding on this. I want to be living proof that if I can see it, I can be it.

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