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“The Inevitable”

A Moment in My Life – Tuesday, September 15, 2020

I knew the day would come when I would have to deal with the inevitable, but the topic hadn’t come up until yesterday when my friend called. We started with the usual pleasantries. One topic led to another, and we were discussing her realization that she didn’t want to leave any carbon footprint behind. No more burial for her, and she didn’t want her ashes stored somewhere hogging space. She preferred cremation, and her ashes scattered and forgotten. My heart sank for her. How hurtful was someone’s words to cause her to feel this way! I attempted to console her by sharing that cremation could be positive. I said I have Mark’s ashes stored with me, and when my time comes, my ashes would be scattered with his. Afterward, Mark will be waiting at the gates of heaven with my purple room ready for me.

Then, it happened. That’s when she reared the conversation to the inevitable by asking, “You don’t want to be alone forever, right?” Right. True. I don’t if I could help it. “What if you meet someone and fall in love? How does that work?” She told me that a widow and widower she knows met each other in church and got married. She pointed out that I was still young with a long life ahead of me. Well, I don’t know about a long life, but I get her point. I, too, have a widow friend who attended her school reunion and married her high school sweetheart before returning home. 

This topic triggered many questions with no answers in sight. How does that work? Let’s say, a widow meets a widower, and they marry when they die, do they spend eternity with their first spouse, or with each other, or do they become a foursome? I would imagine the simple one-to-one, with each joining their first spouse—problem solved.

 What if the widow marries a bachelor? How does that work? Does she join her late husband, and the poor bachelor ends up alone, or do they become a threesome? Or, does everybody become one big happy family with no exclusions? It’s hard enough figuring out the earthly things like who moves in with whom, and how to handle the assets from each one’s lives. With the earthly scenario, I could see an amicable solution, as long as the couple could compromise and agree on things while respecting the estate’s original stipulations. The afterworld is beyond my feeble mind’s comprehension.

Where could I get the answers to the questions that boggle my mind? I have a feeling I won’t get my answers until I meet our Heavenly Father. By then, He would probably hand me a welcome packet that explains the ropes of how life in heaven works. 

It’s interesting that up until yesterday, nobody asked the inevitable. Yet, I’m surprised that the inevitable come up already. Well, now it’s done. If anybody has answers to these questions, please know that I welcome them.

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  1. “For in the resurrection they neither marry nor are given in marriage, but are like the angels in heaven.” Matthew 22:30 Also found in Luke and Matthew. Douglas was a serious Bible student and I asked if we would know each other in heaven. He said, “Absolutely.” I believe him. On another note, when I went to France I went to the artist, Monet’s home and church. He is buried in the church yard, with his wife, her 1st husband and various children.

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