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“Just Have a Little Fun”

A Moment in My Life – Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Jeannie Yee Davis

A slew of people passed us on 2nd Street in San Mateo, each carrying a large distinctive yellow box with the Mochinut logo on top, which piqued my friend’s and my curiosity. We headed the way they came in search of the Mochinut shop. We found it on B Street.

We each selected a Mochi Donut to try. There were a limited number of flavors available. I tried to make the best of two worlds by sampling and staying away from the overly sugary choices. I choose their original with the powdered sugar sprinkled on top.

It was interesting. The exterior tastes and has the texture of the Chinese donut sticks but with the chewy mochi interior. The powdered sugar was barely visible and kept making me think of the savory Chinese donut sticks. It was good and would satisfy a donut craving without ingesting all that over-the-top sugar. Although, my friend said the mango wasn’t very sweet either and was okay.

I not only discovered this new donut today but also learned from FB that I’m way behind. People have been enjoying these Mochi Donuts for a while now. I need to get out more. 

I hope you enjoy today’s piece, which is a different column. It was great being out in the world today. It reminded me that we need to loosen up every so often and just have a little fun.

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