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“The Farewell to Heman”

A Moment in My Life – Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Today, we said our farewells to Cousin Heman with a lovely service at Cypress Lawn’s quaint Newall Chapel. Every other pew was blocked off for social distancing, while the open pews welcomed a limit of fifty attendees who joined us in bidding Heman a final farewell. There was so much love in this chapel that the Covid-19 restricting the number in the gathering didn’t matter. Had it not been for the restriction, I know the chapel would’ve been standing room only. I didn’t know Heman’s life outside of our family circle, but from the memory book photos, I see how rich his life had been by the many friends, co-workers from different ventures, and other relatives far and near, who was a part of his short life.

Lena and Kenton packed Heman’s favorite outfit, sandals, gear, a few other favorite mementos, the prayer quilt that comforted him during his last days, and the memory book that many of us contributed to, went along with Heman on his next journey. It was a lovely afternoon as we ushered him to his final resting place where he took his last bow in the presence of the sun’s warm embrace, and the wind guided him along his heavenly journey.

It was an emotional day that I know put a big smile on Heman’s face from above. The fact that we were there to close out the service with his younger sister, Lena, and her husband, Kenton, just like old times, when he was alive, would’ve touched his heart. Topping it off with many of his dear friends would have brought so much joy to his heart.

Since Covid-19 prevented our gathering for a send-off meal, Lena and Kenton sent each of us home with box lunches containing some of Heman’s favorite dishes from Grand Palace so that we could enjoy one last meal in honor of Heman. It was a beautiful service that represented the wonderful person Heman was. May you rest in peace, Cousin Heman!

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