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Globfly’s 31st-Month Angelversary

Today marks Globfly’s 31st-month Angelversary—that’s two years and seven months since he relocated to heaven on 12/17/18. Can you believe that? Life keeps clipping along for me. I’m busy as heck, while time has no bearing on him anymore. Yet, I know he’s pleased that I’m not moping around. How can I when I’ve got all of you keeping me entertained? That makes him happy. He preferred laughter over tears.

I started honoring his memory with something he loved—food—instead of tears to help me cope on the 17th. This month’s selection is a slice of “Coconut Cream Pie.” I wasn’t a big pie eater, while Globfly was a pie lover. We always tried to compromise so that we could share a slice to watch our girlie figures. That was a challenging task when his favorite was lemon meringue, which eventually I learned to like, and I love cherry pie, whereas he disliked cherries. You get the picture. What then, right? Then came “Coconut Cream Pie” and we had a winner. It was a lot of fun sharing a slice with my honey, and today I had a craving for “Coconut Cream Pie,” and I felt Globfly nudged me towards it, and so be it. 

Globfly, here’s to you! I miss you every day more than words can say! ILYVVVVM 💜🖖👊

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