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“Choose Wisely, You Must”

A Moment in My Life – Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Today, there is much ado with ‘may the fourth be with you.’ The fourth stands for way more than just the galactic celebration that is upon us today. The fourth reminds me of my friend Rambo. Years back, when I was young and impressionable, I met Rambo, and as we got to know each other, he stunned me when he shared that he was in his fourth marriage. Fourth marriage? Holy macaroni! At that time, I hadn’t met anyone who had been married more than twice. Here was a man who doubled that. Oh yeah, thoughts rambled through my mind from wondering why he had that many marriages, to whether he had trouble making relationships work, to speculating how long his current marriage would last. Postscript: two decades later, and the couple is still happily married.

Since then, I’ve known many people who have been widowed a few times over and were lucky enough to find another someone—a fourth marriage, no longer astounding. What amazes me is the part about finding “another” someone. I never thought I would find one someone, let alone find another. Since my soulmate relocated to heaven, I wonder if another soulmate is waiting for me out in this world. I know some widows and widowers remained single the rest of their lives while others remarried or are dating. I sure hope I don’t end up alone for the rest of my life. I can’t say that there hasn’t been a suitor yet, but I can say that none is suitable. I am hopeful that when the timing is right, it will come together.

Until then, I vicariously delight in love through the characters on the small screen. There is much ado about the upcoming season finale of “When Calls the Heart,” with the blooming romance budding between Lucas, Elizabeth, and Nathan. Oh, these poor people. You know one of the guys will lose out. We don’t know which one yet. Fans are pegged up against each other, rooting for either Team Lucas or Team Nathan. Poor Elizabeth. I’m glad I’m not in her shoes, although clearly, I wouldn’t mind being in her shoes. I mean, come on now, I can think of worse things than having two gorgeous hunks pursue me. Seriously though, simply trying to decide whether to root for Lucas or Nathan was hard enough, and it’s just a TV show. How would I choose in real life? I’m rooting for both Lucas and Nathan knowingly that I can’t do that. There can only be one winner, but I like both guys for their unique qualities that they bring to the relationship. This decision is tough. I can’t wait until Sunday night for the season finale, and they had better not cliff hang us until next season to reveal which guy Elizabeth picks. I’ve worn out the edge of my seat all season already. 

I know I said I was rooting for both guys, but I find my heart calling for Nathan more when calls the heart. Something about him feels safe. His Mountie uniform did it for my girlfriend, Michela, but for me, no need for a uniform. His sex appeal stands out on its own. He’s a rugged, hands-on type of guy as masculine as they come, yet he has a soft, loving, and romantic side that makes you feel everything will be okay.

On the other hand, Lucas is the boy-next-door, kind, thoughtful, generous, and reliable. Both guys are a great catch. If only they were real. Speaking of which, if they were real, oh man, how would we pick? How would we know which guy would be the right one? If only we could roll them into one, they’d be the perfect man. If only, but since that’s not possible: like Yoda would say, “Choose wisely, you must.”     

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  1. I like that last comment, “choose wisely, you must. Sometimes we learn by our mistakes. If I would’ve married when I was young (I call it young & dumb), I would’ve gotten devorced. I was hungry for someone to love me or what I thought love was. I allowed myself to be blinded. I deserved to be treated better. You grow up and realize how you should be treated. I think we learn throughout marriages. Sometime it would be like Prince Harry, he’s being deceived. Maybe your friend married too early or maybe he married a Meghan Markle. Some people marry for money. I think if we have certain beliefs, like being a Christian, logical thinking, and each enjoying what the other loves. Whether it going for walks. One friend married a man who wasn’t a Christian, so he didn’t share this important part of her life. He wasn’t romantic and that all needs to be considered. 4 is hard to believe. Trial & error.

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