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Globfly’s 28th Month Angelversary

Can you believe today marks 28 months since Globfly relocated to heaven? It still feels like just last month, but it is what it is. Today, I am celebrating Globfly’s memory with my niece, who is staying with me. She’s here making up for the foiled May 2020 visit now that we’re both vaccinated. She and I had planned an El Faro lunch when she arrived. Then, I got an epiphany to honor Globfly’s angelversary with a beef burrito, which was one of his favorite items on their menu. His version would have been a super beef burrito with the works. I’m sure he won’t mind if I had a baby beef burrito instead. He knows it’s the thought that counts. I can see him smiling from above, watching me savor a beef burrito. Now, I get why he liked them so much. They’re delicious! I’m glad he was a foodie, and I can feel close to him simply by enjoying his favorite foods. “Globfly, I’d rather watch you enjoy a burrito, but for you, I will eat one…for you. I miss you dearly, still! ILYVVVVM!” 💜🖖👊

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