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I’m glad you stopped by. Take a look around. Hang out as long as you like. Feel free to check out my links and leave a comment or two. I hear people say often that they don’t always get to ask the author questions. Well, here’s your chance. Got a question you’re dying to ask regarding TAC or TAC 2? Don’t be shy. We’re all family here. 🙂

Ask away in the Lounge, aka the Forum. Wanna share your favorite scene or character in either book? The Lounge is the place for you. I will personally read and answer your comments. If you prefer to send me a private note, you can email me via the Contact link.

Thanks for stopping by and please check back from time to time and have a very happy day!


Autographed copy of TAC and TAC 2

Get an autographed copy of TAC and/or TAC 2 while copies are still available directly from yours truly.

The Accidental Columnist – paperback only – $20

The Accidental Columnist 2 You’re Next! – hardbound – $25

The Accidental Colomnist 2 You’re Next! – paperback – $20

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